FastReply 1.11

Cut and pasting made quicker


  • Makes cutting and pasting easier across applications
  • Can store up to 20 clippings


  • Doesn't offer much more than Windows default clipboard

Not bad

Are you forever cutting and pasting text? FastReply is a simple application that enables you instant access to text that you've stored for pasting at a later date.

It could save you hours of time when composing e-mails, documents or filling in forms.

When you run FastReply, an icon will appear in the toolbar.

Anytime you want to cut a piece of text, just click on the icon and select the piece of text you want to copy. You can then go to the application where you want to paste the text, left click the mouse button and click paste as you would normally.

The selected phrase will remain in the clipboard but you can remove it if you want.

Unlike Windows default clipboard, FastReply can store up to 20 clippings and it also features a useful 'tooltips' popup which shows you what the clipping contains before you even click on it.

You can upgrade to the Pro version if you need unlimited storage space although for most people, 20 clippings is more than enough. If you need instant access to your copied text, you'll find this program extremely useful although if you only occasionally cut and paste, it's not really necessary.

When you run FastReply, an icon will appear in the toolbar. Any time you want to recall a phrase, just click on the icon, select your phrase and go to the application where you want the text copied and click with the left mouse button.



FastReply 1.11

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